About Kitaha

kitaha was born in 2017, in Miyagi, from a wish to revitalize the Tohoku region with Japanese black tea. The idea has is its roots in a policy conceived over 400 years ago by a famous Sendai Domain lord who aimed to “build up the region with home-grown industry.”
kitaha products are made with monocha tea grown in Ishinomaki, Miyagi. Monocha is said to have originated 400 years ago, when Date Masamune promoted tea cultivation in the feudal period as a means of developing the region. Although it was once the most cultivated variety of tea in Japan, only one producer of monocha remains. The tea is notable for its mild flavor, characteristic of tea leaves grown in cold climates. Recently, in recognition of monocha’s long history, there have been numerous local efforts to preserve and promote the tea.
Japan once produced copious black tea - enough to be exported. In addition to reviving the Japanese black tea tradition, we also wanted to pass monocha on to future generations. With these aims in mind, we created kitaha Japanese black tea in 2017, six years after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Relying on the wisdom and expertise of many people, we strive to become a tea brand which symbolizes Tohoku’s resilience.


Japanese black tea, green tea, and flavored tea. Enjoy kitaha in a variety of ways.

kitaha Japanese black tea

Monocha tea grown in Tohoku’s harsh climate is distinctive for its thick, full leaves. When processed as black tea, the flavor is mild, with little bitterness and refreshing sweetness.

Img: kitaha Japanese black tea

kitaha Japanese Green tea

Like the Japanese black tea, this green tea also has a refreshing sweetness. Enjoy the authentic, local flavor which has been carefully preserved and passed down since the days of Date Masamune.

Img: kitaha Japanese Green tea

kitaha - matoi - Flavored tea

kitaha tea infused with carefully selected herbs and fruits grown by local producers. Enjoy the flavor of kitaha with the pleasant aroma of chamomile, lemon verbena, and strawberries.

Img: kitaha - matoi - Flavored tea

Our Story

Based in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, we are a tea store with a long history - a rarity in the Tohoku region. Founded in 1972, our store, which was destroyed by the tsunami following the Great East Japan Earthquake, has been able to stay in business thanks to the support of both the locals, and people from all over. As members of the community, we strive to be a tea store that spreads smiles with tea.

Corporate Profile

Company Name
Farm Soleil, Co, Ltd.
  • Ishinomaki Chamber of Commerce
  • Ishinomaki Corporate Association
  • Ishinomaki Food Promotion Association
  • Ishinomaki Food Tourism Research Association
  • Chamber of Tea Association of Shizuoka Prefecture

Farm Soleil, Co, Ltd.
〒986-0828 10-8 Asahicho, Ishinomaki, Miyagi
TEL 0225-92-8266 FAX 0225-22-2866

〒986-0828 10-8 Asahicho, Ishinomaki, Miyagi
TEL 0225-22-2887 FAX 0225-22-2866

July 25, 2003
Green Tea Store, Ocha-no-Asahien was established in December 1973
Chief Executive
Masaharu Hino
Main Banks
  • Ishinomaki Shinkin Bank (Main Branch)
  • 77 Bank (Ishinomaki Branch)
Wholesale and retail of food and drink products
Green Tea Division: Operation of Ocha-no-Asahien Store Development of kitaha Japanese black tea

Main Clients

Department Stores
Fujisaki, Co, Ltd.
  • Sendai PARCO 2 Tohoku Standard Market
  • Tokyu Hands Sendai
  • Ito Yokado, Co, Ltd.
Tagajo City Library
Consumers’ Cooperatives
Nihon Vogue Corp.
  • Sendai International Airport Co., Ltd.
  • East Japan Railway Company
  • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
  • Ichinobo
Funeral, Ceremony
  • Seigetsuki, Co., Ltd.
  • Ishinomaki Sougisha